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As a decorative finish, microcement offers a unique and seamless minimalist aesthetic.

Microcement is a decorative finish that can be applied to virtually any surface – tile, metal, plastic, plasterboard, cement, stone – it is a highly versatile way to introduce the look of concrete into your home or business design.

Microcement is applied on-site by hand directly onto the existing surface in a thin layer (3-6mm), much like plaster would be applied.

Due to the hand-troweling application technique, the finished texture and look of microcement is truly a unique expression of the artisan.

No two microcement surfaces will look exactly the same!

Like all concrete finishes, microcement pairs well with contemporary, minimalist home decor and corporate branding.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, microcement can also offer a decorative finish that brings to mind the old world charm of the Mediterranean.

Microcement - Chimney Breast
Microcement - Wet Room
Dalla Mano Collection - Table and Microcement Wall

commercial uses of microcement

Microcement is a great material for use in commercial applications. Because it is so lightweight, it works well as a decorative finish for retail displays, tables, and other furniture that need to be moved often and easily.

The durability of microcement and the ease by which it can be repaired when needed make it an ideal product for commercial spaces.

Commercial Microcement Example
Commercial Microcement Example

Aesthetically speaking, microcement is a wonderful medium for expressing a minimalist, modern corporate brand and at the same time, conveys ambiance and luxury.

Due to its seamless appearance, microcement doesn’t dominate a space but rather complements the other design elements and creates a perfect backdrop for works of art or product displays.

With its random pattern, microcement creates an exclusive design wholly unique to a brand and a commercial space.

We provide our microcement in a wide palette of colours

benefits of microcement

The versatility of microcement is one of its largest advantages. With the ability to apply this decorative finish to everything ranging from walls, fireplaces, and stairs to countertops, bathrooms, furniture, and so much more, the design possibilities with microcement truly are limitless!

Since microcement can be applied directly over the existing surface, the only preparation required to the base is a good cleaning, ensuring that it is free of dust, dirt and grime.

Microcment - Benefits of
Microcement - Benefits of #2

As a decorative finish that requires no pre-production, microcement has a short lead time: generally 1 to 4 days.

Lastly, microcement offers a truly seamless look with no joints or seams.